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EPS Floor Panel Manufacturer

EPS Floor panels are used to build floors and roofing with concrete joists which have reinforcements, providing significant advantages in terms of lightness, insulation, and speed of assembly.

These are EPS pre-formed polystyrene foam slab, with suitable steel joists reinforcement and then adding cast-in-place concrete. This is in use to construct floors or roofing reinforced with suitable steel joints and then adding cast-in-place concrete.

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Uses of EPS Floor Panels

EPACK EPS floor panels are one of the most basic and widely used applications for EPS insulation in residential and commercial construction. It helps create an envelope around the structure, covering wall cavities and studs to increase their resistance to heat transfer and moisture protection. The outer walls and the partition walls are made with the EPS Panels. Then it is only natural to use the panel material for the flooring as well.

EPS Thermocol Flooring Panels come with immense capability. With its versatility, ease of installation and consistent performance benefits. Polystyrene Floor is non-structural and is primarily used as an exterior insulator, both below and above grade, although it can be used throughout the structure in roof, floors, and ceilings.

EPS Insulation is used in renovations as well as new construction because of its compatibility with wood and steel framing, and masonry. EPACK India provides the builder with insulation of varying densities, which translates into a structured meeting or exceeding energy code standards without the added expense of increased stud widths.

EPACK Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Floor Insulation is used for use in any ground floor application and is designed to satisfy Building Regulation and u-value requirements.

Key Benefits of Floor Panels:

  • Cost effective insulation for the lifetime of the building
  • Can be used on all floor types
  • No reduction in performance over time
  • Ideal for commercial or residential property
  • Lightweight, quick and easy to install

EPS Floor Panels Applications:

  • Below concrete slab
  • Screed or chipboard floor finish
  • Suspended floor overlay

Available in different densities to help meet compression requirements and also available in white EPS thermocol with enhanced thermal performance.

EPS Flooring panels are designed for the insulation of ground floors in a variety of applications. Thermocol Flooring is recommended when high floor loading are likely to be encountered in commercial applications and is suitable for use with either a solid or suspended ground floor and will meet the current building regulation U value requirements.

These Polystyrene Floor panels are lightweight closed cell material which is easy to install. It has a high insulation value and allows for rapid dry construction methods to be used in new or renovated dwellings and is available in either square edge.

Our EPS Floor Panels are highly recommended for floor construction. These specific range manufactured in our sophisticated unit as per client requirement.


  • Lighter Weight
  • Lower cost
  • Low water absorption
  • Easy Transportation

Our Structural Floor Panel is finished with 50 mm thick structural concrete screed finish which is reinforced with either polypropylene fibers. These advanced design of the system gives a greater level of home comfort and also reduces the heating cost.


  • Material: – EPS Thermocol
  • Size: – 50 mm thick
  • Type: – Floor Panel


  • Beautiful and useful
  • Portable, stable, longevity
  • Easy installation
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