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EPACK group was established at the turn of the century, by a family of entrepreneurs who brought together the best of resources in manpower and technology to setup an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Packaging) manufacturing facility in Greater Noida, on the outskirts of Delhi. This initiative, which proved to be a huge success, was an outcome of years of effort, juggling work and family commitments. Ever since, our entrepreneurial streak kept growing and soon enough we diversified the business into two more verticals – consumer durables and pre-engineered buildings manufacturing.

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Wide Range Of Products

Our Top Product Segment

Packaging is a hard part of all granite marble exporter companies in India. We offer option of customized packaging to our customers. Know More

  • Statue Packaging
  • Murti Packaging
  • Sculpture Packaging
  • Towel Holder Packaging

Thermocol is generally is used as protective packaging for kitchenware industries. EPACK India is a leading manufacturing and supplier of Thermocol Products in India for all types of kitchenware industries… Know More

  • Gas Stove Packaging
  • Induction Packaging
  • Dispenser Packaging

Thermocol is generally is used as protective packaging for consumer electronic products and white goods. Its excellent thermal insulation and mechanical protection properties make it ideal as a packaging material.. Know More

  • Laptop Packaging
  • CCTV Camera Packaging
  • GPS Device Packaging
  • Battery Packaging
  • Speaker Packaging
  • Cooler Packaging
  • LED Light Packaging

Thermocol is used in building construction, road construction and bridge construction. It is light weight and high density eps thermocol blocks. Know More

  • Residential/Commercial Projects

Thermocol packaging boxes for bathroom accessories sets, shower holders, soap dispensers, towel handles and more. Find the most authentic and trusted thermocol packing materials.. Know More

  • Tap Packaging
  • Towel Stand Packaging
  • Soap Stand Packaging

Thermocol packaging boxes provided by us has wide applications in beverages, food industry and pharma industries. Widely demanded by food and beverage industry. Know More

  • Cheese Packaging
  • Chocolate Packaging
  • Sweets Packaging
  • Ice-cream Packaging
  • Chocolate Packaging
  • Milk Products Packaging
  • Tea can Packaging
  • Pan Packaging
  • Coffee Packaging
  • Fish Packaging

Thermocol is useful as floating cover to control evaporation of the water. Thermocol sheets for water farming. We can use thermocol sheets to reduce water evaporation. Know More

  • Water Farming

Get a wide range of thermocol cosmetic packaging boxes which are made by using modern technology and high quality raw material. Know More

  • Nail Paint Packaging
  • Lipsticks Packaging

Get customized thermocol packaging boxes for fragile items such as glass bottles, wine bottles, crystal items, glass items, lamp packaging etc. Know More

  • Lamp Packaging
  • Tempered Glass Packaging
  • Bottles Packaging

Thermocol is largely used in decoration during Ganesh festival. Thermocol decorative items come in new and better designs and shapes according to current trends. Know More

  • Ring
  • Alphabet Letter
  • Candle Packaging
  • Furniture Packaging

Thermocol is used for packaging of home accessories on small scale or large scale. Thermocol sheets for home decoration, for family functions.. Know More

  • Bean Bag
  • Mudda Packaging
  • Clock Packaging
  • Door Bell Packaging
  • Soft Toys Packaging
  • Photo Frames Packaging

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of thermocol packaging for crockeries. Crockery is fragile in nature it has to be handled with utmost care. We have devised special boxes to hold all kinds of crockery items namely plates, bowls, glasses, spoons etc.. Know More

  • Dinner Set
  • Tea Set
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Oil Dispenser

Helmet packing thermocol to pack helmets before dispatch for enhancing safety from dents and scratches. Also, this helmet packing thermocol adds a cushioning effect in order to ensure secure handling, storage, and shipping.. Know More

  • Thermocol for Helmet Packaging

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include thermocol pharma packaging such as eps insulated pharma box, thermocol ice boxes, thermocol medicine boxes and thermocol packaging for medicine industries.. Know More

  • Thermocol for Blood Sample Packaging
  • Thermocol for Tubes Packaging
  • Thermocol for Injections Packaging



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Complete Packing Solutions

EPack complete packaging solutions are manufactured with the best technology. EPS Thermocol packaging helps to achieves significant transport savings compared to other packaging materials due to its lightweight. It’s exceptional cushioning and thermal properties result in lower damage rates as well as help to maintain temperature, and avoid damage of sensitive products. These products can be used for various purposes like packaging of food and beverage, electronic industries, artifacts insulation, decoration, filling etc.

This product line includes :

construction and instulation with thermacol - epack

Insulation & Construction

Geofoam is one of the lightest of all construction materials allowing ease of handling and faster construction times. In building construction, no matter of what design of the roof which is the most vulnerable part of the building for absorption of solar radiation particularly in tropical countries like India. Geofoam thermal insulation properties and durability ensure performance.

This product line includes :

thermocol beans eps beads

Thermocol Beans/Beads

EPACK manufactures thermocol beans, thermocol beads and thermocol balls at industrial scale. We are the leading thermocol beans, thermocol beads and thermocol balls manufacturer with consistent quality based in Greater Noida, since 1989. We can use it in filling bean-bags and also prevent mosquitoes from contaminating of the water of wells and ponds when spread over them. EPACK offers thermocol beans in different specifications for fulfilling the needs of customers. Hence, finding application in designing of several decorative items and home furnishing goods. Therefore, get it for several industrial as well as commercial applications.

Read More

bubble sheet packaging

Air Bubble Packaging

This perforated air bubble sheet is ideal for packaging of fragile and sensitive products as these offer ample security. The sheet is broadly demanded by our clients and appreciated for their impeccable functionality and quality. The bubble packaging sheets are now available in VCI bubbles and anti static form. We use the innovative technology in designing this air bubble sheet and used widely in numerous kinds of electronics packaging as well as other goods that demand utmost care while handling.

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EPE foam packaging

EPE Foam Packaging

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) foam is a petrochemical product & has versatile applications ranging from packaging to construction, automotive parts to sports goods, and protective covers to air-conditioning insulation etc. EPE foam is manufactured through extrusion process. Heat lamination process is used to form a composite multi-layered structure with homogeneous bonding & taper free surface. EPE foam has a very fine and uniform microcellular structure.

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